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A New Comedy for your Theatre

by John Kurowski

Premiered at Surfside Playhouse, Cocoa Beach, FL - July 19, 2019

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TRIPP and FALL video highlights!


"Wow, this was fantastic!"

“I never laughed so much.  You care about these people – all of them.”

“This is funny, really funny.”

“This is a very clever play.”

"After belly laughing out loud so much, I didn't expect to water up.  A great moment that makes us all think about decisions we have made"

“The dildo/boots story line is very clever and funny.”

 “Pleasure and Florence are super funny and have a sincere relationship.  They make a great pair.”  

“The Georgia/Marcel history is delightful.  It is handled very well.”

"I thought I figured things out, but there were more surprises."

“Marcel – super charming, very likable.  No guile. No hidden agendas.  Air of sexual danger.  He’s a threat, but yet admirable.”

“There is a lot of great stuff here – a wonderful denouement’ – it moved us to tears. “    

There are many more, but I am sure you don't want or need to read them all.  You get the point.  The audiences loved the show!

Synopsis and Cast Information


“Tripp and Fall” takes place in a hotel suite The Stanley Place Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.  The hotel is in the Back Bay area and the suite is on the 12th floor.  Harry Tripp is a Midwest plastics manufacturer on a business trip in Boston to meet with a new client, Marcel Olivier.  He does not know much about Mr. Olivier or his company.  Harry’s young secretary, Miss Fall, has joined him on the trip.  She has a fear of heights and does not like being on the 12th floor.  His father, now deceased, went on many business trips to Boston and always stayed at The Stanley Place Hotel.  The hotel has two longtime employees, Mr. Pleasure the concierge, and Florence the maid.  They worked at the hotel when Harry’s father would stay there on his business trips.  Mr. Tripp desperately needs to win Mr. Olivier’s business and manufacture products for him since the company is in financial distress.  Michel is Mr. Olivier’s son and is with his father so that he can learn the family business.  Harry, in midlife crisis, plans to take this opportunity to start an affair with Miss Fall, his secretary.  His wife, Georgia, unexpectedly shows up at the hotel. Chaos and misunderstandings lead to an unexpected journey that reveals more about the past and present.  Harry learns about his father, himself, and the important things in life. This is a trip to remember.

CAST of 7

All characters require comedic timing and physical humor.



HARRY TRIPP:                                   35-45, owner of a Midwest plastics manufacturing plant in Chicago area


PATSY FALL:                                       20-30, Secretary/assistant for Harry Tripp, slight Bostonian accent, beauty, very afraid of heights.


MARCEL OLIVIER:                            45-55, slight French accent, Owner of Merchandise/Product Company DealCo


MICHEL OLIVIER:                             20-30, Son of Marcel, learning the Biz… very Americanized.


FLORENCE MARICIO:                      50-60, Italian, Hotel maid for quite some time. Dialog is written with some accent help, this is only a guideline to get the feel.


GEORGIA TRIPP:                               35-45, Harry’s Wife, attractive and likable, but often upset by the situation.


ROBERT PLEASURE:                         50-60, Very straight laced, uses proper English.  Hotel Concierge for a long time. 

About the Playwright

John Kurowski

John is a Dramatist Guild member and recently won the Arlan Ropp Playwrights Award at Surfside Playhouse community theatre in Cocoa Beach Florida.  As a result, his winning play “Tripp and Fall” was fully staged and produced at the playhouse July 19-21, 2019.  Audiences’ responses filled the theatre with laughter, and at one point, tears.


John has been director, musical director, and actor/performer/singer in over 100 productions including regional professional theatres. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a master’s degree in Educational Technology. He understands character development, emotional audience responses, comedic timing, physical comedy, and sensitive situations.  John has created staged shows in the community and in the educational environment. As an educator, he creates videos that teach, inform, explore topics, and entertain for both teachers and students.  In his TV production classes, he helps students with storyboards, script writing, cinematography, and editing short film/video productions.  His students have placed 1st-3rd consistently in the state of Florida each year for the past 20 years and one was recognized as “Best in Show” at the International Student Media Festival in San Diego. John also stages his student choir performances with theatrical elements and settings. “Tripp and Fall” has been in the works for many years.  He began it after a visit to Boston and seeing many British farces.